Marketing for Doctors in the 21st Century

Choosing a new doctor isn t an easy decision. Advice from friends and family members can help, but many people looking for doctors will conduct some of their research online even if they ve received advice from others. When a potential new patient searches online for a doctor, how many times do you think that your name [ ] The post Marketing for Doctors in the 21st Century appeared first on Crystal Clear Digital Marketing.

Medical Website Design That Works

As a digital services firm that exclusively serves clients in the medical industry, we ve collected a great deal of insight over the years into medical website design that works. If we were to summarize the current state of web development for the medical industry, we would say that the standards for medical website design are [ ] The post Medical Website Design That Works appeared first on Crystal Clear Digital Marketing.

Plastic Surgery Website Design That Works For You

Choosing a plastic surgeon is a decision that, for many people, will require hours of research. Undergoing plastic surgery has become somewhat routine especially in affluent areas but making the decision to go under the knife still requires a great deal of trust. There are certain risks involved with plastic surgery not [ ] The post Plastic Surgery Website Design That Works For You appeared first on Crystal Clear Digital Marketing.

SEO for Doctors 101

In the competitive medical industry, every small improvement that you can make to your website s search engine ranking can make an enormous difference in your practice s bottom line. Your competitors are equally aware of the importance of search engine optimization, though, making SEO for doctors an arms race that seems to never end. If you re [ ] The post SEO for Doctors 101 appeared first on Crystal Clear Digital Marketing.

Reasons to Consider Acne Treatment – Hudson OH – NeoSkin Center

If you are like most people, you have likely experienced acne at some point in your lifetime. If you are fortunate, the condition was limited to a very mild and short-term form of acne that caused no long-term consequences and did not interfere with your quality of life. Many others, however, are not so fortunate, […]

How You Can Reverse Signs of Aging With Juvederm – Hudson OH – NeoSkin Center

The face is often where the first signs of aging appear. The smooth skin we enjoyed in our youth is now more brittle and showing small dynamic wrinkles such as smile lines and crow’s feet. Abrasive resurfacing can result in uneven skin tone, and moisturizers are rather ineffective at smoothing the skin and diminishing the […]