The Four Keys of Successful Email Marketing

Having a successful digital marketing strategy requires multiple components, including a medical marketing website, unique content, and optimized SEO, but another critical element for the growth and success of your medical practice is email marketing. Promoting your services, specials, technologies, and more through email may only seem like one step above the paper fliers of the past, but successful email marketing can put you ahead of your competition by leaps and bounds if you do it the right way. At Crystal Clear, we are pioneers in the digital marketing industry, and through years of helping our clients find, serve and keep their patients successfully, we know what it takes to build an email marketing campaign that works for you. The Emails The most important part of an email marketing campaign is, of course, the emails themselves. You don’t necessarily have to discount your services in order to have an email campaign; these can also include: New lasers, treatment systems, or ot


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