How You Can Reverse Signs of Aging With Juvederm – Hudson OH – NeoSkin Center

The face is often where the first signs of aging appear. The smooth skin we enjoyed in our youth is now more brittle and showing small dynamic wrinkles such as smile lines and crow’s feet. Abrasive resurfacing can result in uneven skin tone, and moisturizers are rather ineffective at smoothing the skin and diminishing the […]

Correct the Common Signs of Aging with a Liquid Facelift – Santé Medical Aesthetics

Aging is inevitable and brings changes to our skin that are usually considered unwelcome. Most people learn to live with lines and wrinkles, while others are determined to do something about it. The majority of people would like to fight aging facial skin, but are opposed to surgical procedures like a facelift. The good news […]

Rejuvenate and Restore Aging Skin with Platelet Rich Plasma Boston – Joseph A. Russo MD

The skin that accounts for most of your physical appearance is your body’s largest organ, and it’s constantly exposed to sunlight, debris and pollutants. Over time, your skin can start to look old and tired, and if you don’t do anything about it, you’ll look much older than you feel. Platelet rich plasma could be […]