11 Best Practices for Medical Digital Marketing

When competition is heavy, a medical practice needs all of the web traffic that it can get. You ve got a staff to pay and expenses to cover your office needs to remain as busy as possible every day. More people than ever search for local businesses such as doctors offices online, so online medical [ ] The post 11 Best Practices for Medical Digital Marketing appeared first on Crystal Clear Digital Marketing.

SEO for Medical Websites: Best Practices

Everyone requires medical services at one time or another, but that doesn t mean the medical industry is an easy one in which to do business. Medical professionals command high salaries, and medical services are expensive to provide. To make matters worse, fees aren t always easy to collect from certain patients. To maintain profitability, your medical [ ] The post SEO for Medical Websites: Best Practices appeared first on Crystal Clear Digital Marketing.

Marketing for Medical Practices: How to Get New Opportunities for Your Practice

Of all the types of traffic that your medical practice s website can receive, search engine traffic is arguably the best since it is free. Traffic from Google is highly variable, though, since Google frequently adjusts its ranking algorithms. An article that brings your institution plenty of traffic one day could suddenly become less successful because [ ] The post Marketing for Medical Practices: How to Get New Opportunities for Your Practice appeared first on Crystal Clear Digital Marketing.

How SEO for Medical Practices Can Get You More Leads

When searching for a new doctor or surgeon, patients once consulted the yellow pages. Today, virtually everyone turns to the web. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo account for the majority of global Internet traffic every day, so making your medical practice easy to find is imperative to staying on top of your competition. [ ] The post How SEO for Medical Practices Can Get You More Leads appeared first on Crystal Clear Digital Marketing.

Content Marketing for Doctors and Medical Practices

When it comes to your digital marketing strategy, content marketing plays a major role in finding, serving and keeping your patients. At Crystal Clear, we commonly refer to patients in 2015 as Social Patients because now more than ever they are seeking medical professionals and services on the Internet. Establishing solid, Google-friendly content ensures that your current and future patients will find you every time, all the time. It’s the Little Things It’s one thing to have a website with short blurbs about your services and treatments on it, but it’s another thing entirely to structure your site and content so that you are a contender in the Google arena. Having a website and a few splashes of content here and there is a good start to establishing your online presence, but here are a few things you have probably not considered: Word count matters. The number of words you use in your content pages are crucial to how you are ranked in a Google search. The words that you use mat

For Medical Practices, SPC is the New CRM

As a doctor, plastic surgeon, dentist, chiropractor or medical practitioner, your relationships with your patients matter to you. They are the reason you get up early, work late, and why you do what you do. At Crystal Clear, we understand that your patients are the lifeblood of your medical practice, and we have revolutionized patient relationship management in the digital marketing industry. PRM is the New CRM There’s a lot of acronyms involved in reaching out to future patients and engaging current ones, but CRM is one of the most important ones. Short for customer relationship management, it refers to the strategies used by businesses to maintain and nurture relationships with customers. At Crystal Clear, we focus on PRM patient relationship management. We help you find, serve and keep patients profitably, and PRM is at the heart of our marketing strategies. We have pioneered the most innovative PRM software in the industry the Social Patient Center, or SPC. Our SPC Can Optimize