Plastic Surgery Websites: What Your Site Needs to Succeed

Is your plastic surgery website doing its job? If you re a plastic surgeon, your website is the most important tool in your digital marketing arsenal. Your website acts as a salesperson, a receptionist and a consultant simultaneously. At every stage in the customer journey, your website should gently guide visitors along the path toward becoming [ ] The post Plastic Surgery Websites: What Your Site Needs to Succeed appeared first on Crystal Clear Digital Marketing.

The Most Impactful Pages on Your Site

At Crystal Clear we stress the importance of having a medical practice website, but it’s not all about what your website looks like it’s also about what you put on it. If you’re already a member of the Crystal Clear family, then you already know the importance of having unique content on every page. But when it comes to having a successful, traffic-generating website, some pages have more impact than others. Content is King We’ve spent a lot of time in the digital marketing space learning what works for medical practice websites and what doesn’t, and one message that we cannot stress enough is the importance of your website content. Your website content should be a reflection of you your voice, your techniques, your authenticity in your field. In a world where the Social Patient depends on computers and mobile devices to find services, knowing what they’re looking for puts you one step ahead of your competitors. About Us According to our reports, the About Us page is one o