Enhance Your Overall Wellness with Vitamins and Supplements – Spa Noor

Every single one of us wants to enjoy good health. For this reason, we work hard in order to maintain good health. We eat food that is nutritious. We exercise on a regular basis. Both of these things help us to control our weight and fight off problems that come with living a sedentary life […]

Can Acupuncture Benefit Me? – Persona Medical Spa

Acupuncture is a complete medical practice that is focused on correcting any imbalances in the body. It began 2,500 years ago in China to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases and to improve overall health. While there is no proof yet that acupuncture modifies the flow of energy throughout the body, there is proof that it […]

Do You Brew? – SaJune Medical Center & Spa

There is a growing group of health enthusiasts among us… the brewers of KOMBUCHA!  Slowly but surely, this fermented tea is growing in popularity due to its amazing health benefits.  Following fermentation, Kombucha becomes lightly carbonated and contains probiotics, enzymes, vinegar, B vitamins, as well as, acetic, gluconic, and lactic acids.  Drinking Kombucha can improve […]

Email Marketing for Your Medical Spa

When it comes to communication, consumers still prefer to hear from their favorite businesses through their email. With the advent of smartphones, email is never far away! There are plenty of businesses that use email for their marketing and communication, but so few of them know how to use their email effectively. Crystal Clear Digital [ ] The post Email Marketing for Your Medical Spa appeared first on Crystal Clear Digital Marketing.