Reasons to Consider Acne Treatment – Hudson OH – NeoSkin Center

If you are like most people, you have likely experienced acne at some point in your lifetime. If you are fortunate, the condition was limited to a very mild and short-term form of acne that caused no long-term consequences and did not interfere with your quality of life. Many others, however, are not so fortunate, […]

Rejuvapen for Safe and Effective Scar Treatment – Estetika Skin & Laser Specialist

Rejuvapen is commonly used as an effective scar treatment, and since it uses micro-needling, it works better than many alternative treatments. During the procedure, a special pen-like device is used to treat your skin, and with the help of many tiny micro-needles, it can improve the appearance of unwanted acne scars. Rejuvapen works particularly well […]

Which Form of Trigger Finger Treatment is Right for Me? | Southfield, Livonia MI | Arora Hand Surgery

Trigger finger is a condition that causes the fingers, and sometimes the thumb, to have a tendency to lock in place when they are bent. It is sometimes accompanied by popping and cracking while attempting to bend or straighten the fingers. In addition, it can be very painful at times. Running through the fingers, just like […]